About Us

Founded on the principles of tradition, but committed to the pursuit of progress, The Marshes Golf Club has been delighting guests on and off the greens since 2002. Created as a final collaboration between Robert Trent Jones Sr. and Jr.. The Marshes showcases the natural riches of the region, rather than trying to overpower them. As the home to a qualified wildlife sanctuary and past PGA championship games, we are proud to showcase the best practices in sustainability and golfing excellence.

Accessible Customer Service Policy and Statement of Commitment, and AODA IASR Employment Policy 

The Marshes Golf Club is committed to excellence and ensuring that we serve guests, employees and candidates with disabilities in the same manner as all guests, employees and candidates – consistent with the principles of integration and equal opportunity. View our Accessible Customer Service Policy Statement, Statement of Commitment to Accessibility and AODA IASR Employment Policy.

Solicitation Policy

The Marshes Golf Club protects the privacy and security of all our guests and employees by prohibiting any solicitation and distribution on its premises by non-employees.

Persons who are not employed by The Marshes are prohibited from soliciting funds, signatures or autographs, conducting membership drives, posting, distributing literature or gifts, offering to sell or to purchase merchandise or services (except by representative of suppliers properly identified), or engaging in any other solicitation, distribution, or similar activity on our premises.

Corporate Philanthropy

Brookstreet Hotel and The Marshes Golf Club give back to the community, where our customers and employees live and work and play, it is an important part of our business. Investing through contributions and sponsorships is a powerful way to help build a strong and healthy community. From the simplest act of caring to active participation and contributions to worthwhile causes, Brookstreet Hotel, The Marshes Golf Club and its staff “pay it forward” in many different ways.



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