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Attempting to significantly improve your game without the help of golf coaching can be a daunting and exhausting task. The best way to learn a sport is to immerse yourself in it, which includes surrounding yourself by people who know more about the game than you.

The Marshes Golf Academy has designed golf pro coaching programs that allow players of all calibers to bolster their game. Easy-to-follow and professionally approved goal setting combined with personalized support will guide, reference and support your progression.

The Marshes Golf Academy is currently closed for the season. Contact our proshop at 613-271-3530 or [email protected].

Game Improvement Program

This is a specifically designed golf coaching program to improve your performance on the greens. The program includes video analysis, short game test, four hours worth of private instruction, as well as a full equipment assessment and fitting.

$495.00 per golfer.

Golf Season Program

Immerse yourself in this four-month program designed to refine and elevate your game.  The program includes TPI Fitness Evaluation and re-exam, 10 hours worth of private instruction,  short game test, mental coaching, full equipment assessment and fitting, as well as shot-by-shot game tracking.

$1095.00 per golfer.


Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.  That’s why The Marshes Golf Academy offers practice sessions with the best training tools in the industry.  For enhanced practice sessions, the we offer a comprehensive spread of the finest instructional implements available.

All training sessions involve an initial orientation lesson with one of our Golf Professionals.  Subsequent sessions with our tools can be arranged after the initial lesson.  The cost per training session reflects the cost of a one-hour private golf coaching lesson.

Our training aid offerings include:

  • Swingbyte. This is a portal device that attaches to any club and utilizes both visual and audible feedback to achieve muscle memory based training and includes a number of advanced features that records a full 360 degree view of your swing, club head speed and acceleration, your club’s true plane from address to impact, club face angle relative to swing path, static and dynamic loft and lie at address and impact, angle of attack and club path and swing tempo.
  • Tomi Pro Putting System. Here’s the only putting training device that visually records the eight key parameters of your putting strokes in real-time. This easy-to-use technology will not only make you a better putter, it will dramatically increase your awareness of what a solid putting stroke entails.
  • Zelocity PureLaunch Monitor with Doppler. Radar transceivers precisely capture and analyze ball flight outputs, including ball velocity, club head speed, carry/total distance, power transfer ratio %, launch angle, total spin, deviation, angle of descent, angle of approach, side spin, club face angle, tempo, azimuth, swing path, dynamic loft, shot type, trajectory graphics, as well as club acceleration and deceleration.
  • Bag of Aids. Utilize our collection of training aid to create the ideal practice session. From the perfect grip™ to the Orange Whip™, our vast selection of aids is available for your use.  Once orientated, you will be able to integrate these aids into your practice session and gain the full benefit of muscle memory.

If you have any question, please contact us.

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